Thanks to my associates for their endorsements!

Bob knows a tremendous amount about how to build, measure, support and incentivize a high growth sales team. He is a partner to both sales and finance in his work.  I saw him implement many new systems and programs that allowed DoubleDutch to run a focused sales program. If you want to move from start up sales efforts to true enterprise sales programs as you scale your company you need to get Bob on your team.”

        Brad Roberts while CFO at DoubleDutch

It’s been a pleasure working with Bob here at DoubleDutch.  Bob is a respected business partner with the rest of the organization who independently resolves most issues without my intervention.  His experience with forecasting, capacity planning and compensation strategies makes him a key contributor to our 2017 success.
For example, Bob successfully engaged my Sales leadership team to quantify the propensity of prospect accounts to buy DoubleDutch products based on firmographic data combined with historic sales data as well as leadership’s firsthand experience to rank and select specific accounts for each balanced sales territory.
Most importantly, I enjoy and have benefited from Bob’s experience in the enterprise SaaS business as it is applied in the day to day operations of our Sales organization.  I would highly recommend Bob as an operations leader for any B2B SaaS Sales organization.

        Dave Simon while CRO at DoubleDutch

 “I had the pleasure of working with Bob on the creation of our 2013 capacity model.  His understanding of the variable aspects of a capacity plan and how they interrelate was critical to our success.  He brought to our discussions a thorough analysis of our customers, their relative value to the company, and a plan to improve Sales ROI based on optimal territory assignments.  Once this strategy was adopted he was crisp in tactical execution to minimize uncertainty in the Sales organization.

Bob is also an expert in Salesforce.com and its technology ecosystem.  We have implemented many systems complimentary to SFDC that have added tremendous value to both management and the end users, further driving adoption.

Bob is an active listener who can articulate the results of actions being considered in a way that significantly improves operational performance. He really “gets it” and gets it done.”

          Lou Albert while Vice President of Sales Operations at Good Technology

“Bob is an incredible sales operations professional with the personality and a direct style well suited for dealing with sales folks. He understands how to get business done and is very supportive of our sales teams. Bob’s team takes a broad view of sales operations and supports our sales strategy, territory management, sales methodology, compensation strategies, sales tools, and sales training. Bob is a passionate and self driven individual of uncompromising integrity. I have worked with Bob on a number of occasions and found him dependable, focused and a strong team player. Any organization would be fortunate to have Bob as part of their leadership.”

          Bob Pacheco while Area Vice President of Sales at Openwave


“Bob was brought on board to help build a stronger sales ops organization with an emphasis on improved regional sales support of our sales teams–mission accomplished. He also enhanced our salesforce.com processes and our sales compensation program to drive accuracy and timeliness.”

          Alan Park while SVP of Global Sales at Openwave


“Bob has an inate knack of quickly grasping the fundamental weaknesses in any sales organization and work tirelessly to fix it. His pleasing demeanor is quite powerful particularly when he is trying to introduce “change” in the organization. I would strongly recommend him to any company seeking to transform their sales organization a notch higher.”

          Ram Venketaramani while Dir of Product Marketing at Bytemobile


“Bob joined HP through the acquistion of Mercury at a time of significant change and built a world class organization that was a trusted partner to Sales. He is among the most organized, dedicated and hard-working individuals I have had the pleasure of working for. His leadership skills, customer focus and proactive/productive work ethic along with his easy going personality (relative to such a hard driving individual) is refreshing. He brings passion, energy and a solid knowledge base to all his interactions. Bob also posesses significant business acumen and would be a valued asset to any organization.”

           Linda Hall-Little while Deal Operations Manager at HP Software 


“Bob works tirelessly to help the field structure deals, and to improve sales and operations processes to permit seamless proliferation of best practices. Bob’s depth of experience enables him to provide invaluable assistance, and he quickly becomes a trusted advisor to all groups with which he interacts.”

           Kirsten de Urioste while Contracts Manager at Mercury Interactive


“Bob is one of those people who makes a good team great. His contributions to the over-all success of the team make him an invaluable asset. If Bob is in-charge things will get done and the results will contribute to the broader success of everyone involved!”

          Christian Farmer while Pre-Sales Engineer at Vitria Technologies


“I have the highest regard for Bob and the work he has done. He has taken on the tough challenges of his role and managed to work extremely well with sales and management in achieving company goals.”

          John Calamia while Area Sales Director at Sybase